I did warn you I’d bore you to tears about my baby, Piglet.

My lovely brand new blinds arrived last night, only to be totally terrorised by Piglet who seems to think they’re an expensive cat toy. The little horror did anything and everything to get to them, including trying to chew them.

So, meet Piglet, the mischevious creature….


Meet Hopsy and Fluffy, two gorgeous and very large British giant bunnies.

They hopped around our consulting room as if they owned the place, they were incredibly friendly and inquisitive. They make our vet Rory look like he’s shrunk in the wash.

It’s always nice to see rare or unusual breeds but its usually cat or dog breeds we see, so it was a refreshing change to see such an unusual breed of bunny.


Thank you to everyone who bought us presents and cards. Our first day has been busier than we could have ever imagined.
We’ve had loads of gorgeous visitors (and their owners too).
Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and for registering with us.

our gorgeous gifts

Gorgeous Harry came to visit and got comfortable on the practice floor

Rory Thomson –  Senior Veterinary Surgeon


Having worked for a corporate practice, I decided I wanted to work for a small practice where I could get to know my patients and have more clinical and financial freedom to provide the best care for my patients without strict financial targets to hit.

I am a family man with a supportive wife and 2 young daughters.  Also at home I have a very spoilt 14 year old terrier called Sammy, 1 Dutch rabbit and 6 rescue guinea pigs (it’s practically impossible to work in a vets without taking some waifs and strays home).

Since starting at St Clair, I have been nominated for Petplan Vet of the Year for 4 years running and would like to thank all the clients for their kind nominations.  I am also a volunteer Marine Mammal medic for the British Diver and Marine Life Rescue charity, so I am on call to assist with any marine mammal that requires help – usually seals but I have been trained to assist with a stranded whale or dolphin should it be needed.


A quick history lesson for those who don’t know the St Clair story.

St Clair Pet Care originally started as a neutering clinic in Blyth many years ago and was purchased by new owners in 2007, the practice was unfortunately affected by a Compulsory Purchase Order and closed down in March 2012.

Julie (our Practice Manager) had faith that the practice would return and thanks to her hard work and our fantastic clients on a Facebook group called ‘help make a new St Clair’, a new owner was found and the practice is finally opening on 23rd July in new premises and with a major makeover.  Our new name is St Clair Veterinary Care and our new home is 37 – 39 Croft Road, Blyth, NE24 2EL  –  we’re very proud of our new practice so please call in for a bowl of water and a look around and your owners are more than welcome too.

It’s been a busy few months getting everything organised and renovated ready for our first day.

Claire and Julie started on 16th July to man the phones and get everyone registered and make sure everything was unpacked, set up and in perfect working order for our very first day.

We have some photos of the makeover process of the practice on our Facebook page

We have a small but very friendly team and we’re all a bit mad and treat your pets as if they were our own.

If you’d like to register please call into the practice or call us on 01670 457271.