January Weight Clinics

January Weight Clinic

Did you know almost 50% of the pet population is overweight. Even a little extra weight can impact your pets quality of life and affect the lifelong general health of your cat and dog. Obesity – or excessive body fat resulting in an overweight condition and preventable problem effecting out pets, with more and more cases seen every year.

Common canine problems suffered as a result of obesity includes diabetes, heart disease as well as arthritis. For felines obesity can also put you cat at risk of urinary health problems like bladder stones.

 Signs of canine and feline obesity include:

– Owners struggling to see or feel their pet’s ribs, spine or waistline.
– abdominal sagging
– Bigger, rounder face
– Reluctance to go for walks, lagging behind
– Excessive panting
–  For cats reluctance to jump up and down from higher places
– Tired appearance
– Refusal to play with toys,

If your cat or dog is overweight then carefully start changing their feeding habits; increasing exercise (e.g. more or longer walks, using toys to encourage playing); looking at the type of food and his intake; creating a feeding plan; and incorporating regular visits to your vet for weight loss advice and to have free weight checks and record your success.

Through-out the whole of January we are offering FREE weight clinics with out nurses who can help you get your pet fit and lose some of that unnecessary weight that could be causing problems.


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