Corporate VS Private veterinary groups…

Did you know here at St Clair Veterinary Care we are a privately owned modern, friendly, small animal practice.

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A lot of large veterinary practice groups are corporate owned. This often means that they have numerous veterinary practices trading under different names. It also means they have large targets to reach, and have certain “dedicated “products that their Veterinary surgeons are “advised” to use. In turn this means that not only must they add a large mark up on their products and services, but they must also reach the targets set out for them by the corporate owners. Many of these corporate companies have little outright knowledge of how a veterinary practice is run. It is also sometimes hard to maintain continuity of care for your pets, as they have so many different vets employed by them.
Here at St Clair Veterinary Care, we are a small friendly, family orientated practice. Our senior Vet Rory has years of experience, and has in the past worked for a large corporate group. Because of this, Rory prefers to tailor every treatment to each individual animal, after all each animal is an individual. This means not only can we offer the best services and treatment plans for your pets, but your pets will also have continuity of care. We have a dedicated experienced nursing team who run daily clinics offering advice on many aspects of your animals care. We have a state of the art operating theatre and also digital x-ray and ultrasound scanning and a fully equipped in house laboratory, as well as offering round the clock care at an experienced out of hour’s provider.

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Because we are a privately owned practice we don’t have the need to put a high mark-up price on our products and services to provide good returns for shareholders, which means we can offer you fantastic veterinary care at an affordable price. To find out more about our products, services and clinics, call in and have a chat with our friendly staff – we may even throw in a cup of tea and a biscuit.