Winter conditions can cause havoc for your dog’s skin & coat:

  • Dry Skin – winter conditions increase the rate at which water  is lost through your dog’s skin, causing their skin to dry out faster.  This leads to dandruff and scurfy skin, and can cause itchiness.
  • Excessive hair loss – big differences between temperatures  outside and inside the house can trigger ‘out of season’ moulting  cycles, leading to excessive hair loss.
  • Damaged coat condition – harsh weather can take a toll on your dog’s coat condition, causing it to dry out or lose condition.

Keeping your dog’s skin & coat properly supplied with the right omega 3 & 6 oils can help your dog combat these challenging  conditions.

Yumega helps your dog’s skin & coat in 4 ways during winter:

  1. Improves coat condition – Yumega is high in the omega 3 ALA  that keeps your dog’s coat in great condition. Unlike fish oils, ALA is  not used by other parts of the body, so its available to improve your  dog’s coat. And because it doesn’t soften the coat, it’s great for  improving coat condition and texture in any breed.
  2. Reduces hair loss & improves coat growth – the omega 6  GLA plays a key role in the skin replenishment cycle, contributing to  hair growth. By providing the key nutrition to keep your dog’s hair  follicles in an active growth phase, Yumega helps reduce excessive hair  loss and encourage growth of your dog’s coat.
  3. Replenishes dry skin – Yumega provides an omega 6 oil called  Linoleic acid which is vital to your dog’s skin moisture barrier.  Shortages of this omega 6 can result in dry & flaky skin, made worse  by winter conditions. By topping up the skin moisture barrier, it helps  your dog’s skin remain soft, supple and better prepared for the drying  effects of winter.
  4. Supports skin defences – Vitamin E plays a key role in skin  defences and must always be added when you add oils to your dog’s diet.  Yumega is rich in natural Vitamin E to mop up free radicals and improve  your dog’s skin defences.

If your dog’s skin & coat is in need of some TLC this winter,  make sure they are getting enough Yumega to keep their skin & coat  in top condition and able to cope with these harsh conditions.