Fleas may just seem like a nuisance but they can be fatal.

Today we have unfortunately seen two 4 week old kittens with fleas. Both kittens were very anaemic due to the flea burden and sadly one of the kittens has died as a result of this. The other kitten is currently in a critical condition.

We have treated the fleas and have tried to remove as many fleas as possible from her but it could take weeks for the anaemia to resolve – if the kitten manages to pull through. As well as causing anaemia, fleas can also cause tapeworm, mycoplasma haemophilis, lyme disease and murine typhus.


just some of the fleas taken off the kitten


As you can see from the photos the difference between our kittens gums (photo on the left) and the healthy gums (on the right) is significant. The gums should normally be a salmon pink colour but our kitten’s are completely white.

gum compare

Most pet shop products have poor efficacy but and those that are effective are not safe to use on kittens under 4 weeks or under a certain weight. Please also ensure that it is a CAT flea treatment as many dog flea treatments sold in pet shops are toxic and can kill your cat.

There are very few flea treatments licensed in young kittens, the most effective are veterinary products so if you have any concerns about your pet and fleas please contact us as we offer a FREE flea check where we will be able to prescribe the correct and safest product for your pet.