Flystrike is a very distressing condition that can affect any animal, and unless caught quickly, it can be a very painful killer. Rabbits are VERY susceptible, especially if they have a problem which makes it hard for them to keep their rear end clean (such as arthritis or obesity).

Flies are attracted to the smells of blood, faeces and urine, and WILL lay their eggs on an animal that is injured or dirty. when the maggots begin to feast on the flesh of that animal, the results and horrifying and it can all happen VERY QUICKLY.

Rabbits are particularly susceptible if their rear end is not kept clean due to health conditions or unsanitary living conditions. Rabbits should be checked daily and kept clean, as well as ensuring hutches are clean and unsoiled.

SUMMER is the perfect time of year for flystrike, and we cannot stress enough the importance of preventing this condition, and also to ensure if your rabbit is unfortunate enough to get it, we can treat it fast and prevent death of your pet.

So please..
Check your rabbit at least twice daily during the summer.
If there are any urine or faeces, clean and dry the area.
Remove all dirty bedding and litter.
Do not let your rabbit become overweight.
If you suspect your rabbit is arthritic or has any urinary problems, contact us immediately.
Apply Rearguard or a similar product as a preventative.