Has your pet put on a few pounds over Christmas?

Nearly 50% of dogs and cats in this country are overweight, and 15% of these are clinically obese.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s weight please contact us. We offer FREE weight clinics with our nurses 🙂
Excess weight not only has a negative impact on your pet’s general wellbeing, happiness and overall quality of life but can also significantly shorten its life expectancy.

1 in 3 pets in the UK are overweight or obese. Being as little as 20% increase the risk of your pet developing serious health conditions such as health conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, arthritis, urinary stones or heart disease.


Some interesting facts about obesity in our pets:

  • Feeding a dog two slices of salami is the same as you eating one and a half cheeseburgers!
  • Feeding a dog one digestive biscuit is the same as you eating a chocolate bar!
  • Feeding a dog 25g of cheese is the same as you eating two muffins!
  • Feeding a dog one pig’s ear is the same as you eating two cheeseburgers!

This just goes to show that small titbits in our pets diets soon adds up. Why not subsitute unhealthy titbits with a healthier option? Raw carrots


While most pet owners realize that their pet may be “a little heavy”, they often don’t recognize when their pet is truly obese.  When a vet says “Fido” should lose 2kg, it often goes in one ear and right out the other.  Really…who doesn’t have a little weight to lose?  But this is us thinking in human weight terms.  Did you know….

  • A 15kg dog being 2kg overweight is the equiavelent of you being 1 and a quarter stone overweight!
  • A Chihuhua being 2kg overweight is the equivalent of you being 4 and a half stone overweight!
  • A cat being 2kg overweight is the equivalent of you being 3 stone overweight!