Nail clipping,

For some dogs and their owners its a terrifying subject. The fact is not many dogs like having their feet touched and the noise from the clippers can make the situation seem a lot scarier.

Did you know here at St Clair vets we offer a FREE Nail confidence programme.
This entails regular trips to see our nurses in a free consultation whereby we will assess how anxious your dog is and start a desensitisation programme.
At each visit the nurses will gain your dogs trust allowing them to become more confident not only with visits to the vets but also with having their nails clipped and examined. This starts slow and on the first visit we may not clip your dogs nails. Every step forward is a positive one and we will move forward at the pace your dog is happy with, there will also be lots of treats on hand and of course lots of cuddles if they allow it. We will also aim for you to see the same nurse each time.
Our nail clips service is £11 or FREE if your part of our Happy paws club. You will only pay this fee if we clip your dogs nails. No charge will be made for any of the confidence building appointments.
We have ran this programme for a few years now and we have many dogs who required sedation and muzzling just to examine their feet/ nails. We are now able to clip their nails without any muzzles or sedation.

The programme works and not only does it make the visit less stressful for the dogs it means their owners are less anxious too.
The length of the appointment will vary as we will take as much time as your dog needs.
If you would like more information on this service please contact the practice via message or call us on 01670457271.