NEW! Fixed price option for peri-operative fluid therapy for surgical procedures


Due to recent changes to improve our anaesthetic protocols, we now offer an optional fixed price for peri-operative intravenous fluid therapy to all cats & dogs for all types of surgical procedures at a cost of £49.50. This option may be discussed with you by one of our vets during the time that the estimate is given for the required surgical procedure, or this may be discussed during the admission on your pet by one of our nursing staff. We believe that it is ‘gold standard’ to provide patients with intravenous fluid therapy during surgical procedures, and not only does providing fluid therapy have many benefits to our patients, it also provides our team with quick intravenous access if ever required in an emergency situation.

Benefits of peri-operative intravenous fluid therapy include:
+ Support to tissue and organ blood flow – fluid therapy helps to counteract anaesthetic reduction in perfusion which aids in healing and anaesthetic recovery, as well as preventing tissue damage.
+ Fluid therapy improves hydration of vital organs which aids organ recovery from anaesthetic drugs and surgery, which in turn promotes recovery and avoids injury.
+ Supports cardiac (heart) function by helping maintain blood pressure – blood pressure is reduced with anaesthetic gases and certain drugs, therefore providing fluid therapy causes less reduction in cardiac output.
+ Aids in the excretion of anaesthetic drugs from the body which promotes a faster recovery from the procedure.

Although we believe that peri-operative intravenous fluid therapy is highly beneficial in all surgical cases, we particularly emphasise fluid therapy for patients with:
+ Pre-existing medical conditions where organ function is reduced or likely to be reduced.
+ Elderly patients in need of extra support.
+ Patients showing signs of dehydration.
+ Patients with infections or showing symptoms of shock.
+ Procedures where fluid loss is anticipated, eg gastro-intestinal surgery, cesarean sections, high chances of blood loss, extended operations where homeostasis needs to be supported.

If your pet is spending the day with us in the near future for a surgical procedure, and you would like some more information on peri-operative fluids, please call us on 01670 457271 where one of our members of staff can answer any questions you have, alternatively you can discuss fluid therapy during the admission of your pet for their surgical procedure.