We are participating in Rabbit Awareness Week – from 15th September to 22nd September. Read on for more information 🙂

Rabbits are the UK’s 3rd most popular pet! This is because they are highly intelligent, social, interactive and fun creatures that are extremely clean and can even be litter trained. They have very individual and distinct personalities, and often live over ten years of age – making them every bit as worthwhile investing in as dogs and cats!

Despite all this there are still a lot of myths and misinformation around the best care for pet rabbits, and indeed their welfare needs. It’s actually very easy when you know how……

So Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) was created as an annual event, where rabbit experts such as vets, pet retailers, welfare charities and manufacturers work together during a dedicated week to educate the pet owning public about proper rabbit care and welfare.

During the week thousands we are offering FREE health clinics for local rabbits and their owners. It doesn’t matter if your rabbits have never been to the vet before, it’s never too late to get them health checked by the experts!

Together we aim to improve the lives of the UK’s rabbits and stop them getting a RAW deal