Research has shown that the ageing process can affect our pet’s health once they reach 7 years of age and their requirements can change. The effects of this process can often be subtle, but can be picked up at an early stage; giving you the opportunity to maintain your pet’s quality of life.

As pets age they can experience the same age-related problems as us, however, our pets can not always tell us when something is wrong.

Problems such as kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and hyperthyroidism are very common conditions in older pets.

Many of the signs that the pet shows when they have these diseases are often just put down to old age for example weight loss, excessive drinking, stiffness and tiredness. However, with modern advances in early detection, diagnosis and treatment of many of these diseases, you will see a noticeable difference in a pet’s quality of life. In many cases we may be able to increase the life expectancy.

SPECIAL OFFER = Consultation with the Veterinary Surgeon including a full clinical examination & health check + Urinalysis + In-house blood test + blood pressure monitoring. Should be £97.85. Special offer price ONLY £50 throughout August only.

Available for senior pets only. Dogs are classed as senior depending on the size. For small dogs, it can be from 7 years upwards and the larger breeds from 5 years. For cats it can be from 7 years.

Even if your pet seems healthy we recommend a senior health check as some conditions may be detected even earlier by routine monitoring.

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