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We have three separate consult rooms, ranging from the larger vets room for our longer appointments, our nurse room for admitting patients and quick consultations, as well as our quieter private consult room for saying goodbye to pets. These are all equipped to allow staff to attend your needs and provide the best for your pets when they most need it.

Operating theatre

We have two sterile surgical theatres to accommodate our routine and emergency operations and procedures, as well as a separate dental procedure area for our dental patients. These are well equipped with modern anaesthetic equipment to allow our staff to deliver the best for your pet.

Digital Radiography

Our separate imaging suite accommodates state of the art digital radiography and ultrasonography. This allows us to perform diagnostic imaging in a quiet and separate area, allowing us to obtain the best imaging results for your pet, ranging from orthopaedic studies through to basic cardiac ultrasounds and abdominal imaging.

In house laboratory

Our comprehensive in house laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment to run a wide range of blood and other tests quickly and efficiently. We routinely run general health profiles, haematology studies as well as emergency blood samples. Running these ‘in-house’ allows a quick turnaround of results and helps us to deliver treatments quickly and based on real-time information. We also have a microscope and facilities for staining samples, allowing us to evaluate urine, ear and skin, as well as blood samples.

Some samples are sent to external labs for more complex or unusual tests. We aim to get the results as quickly as possible and the time taken for these results will be discussed at the time of consultation, as it may vary depending on the test undertaken.

Hospitalisation ward

At St Clair we have a separate suite of custom-built cat and dog wards for the housing and monitoring of in-patients during their treatment.

The dog ward has multiple enclosed kennels and a ‘walk in’ type kennel and several smaller kennels for smaller dogs. Each spacious kennel has comfortable bedding and is all fully washable. This means that the dogs are housed in a spacious warm comfortable environment to reduce stress and feel more at home.

The cat ward is separate and houses multiple individual cat cages with plenty of space for the litter trays, food bowls etc. The cat ward is a quiet, sound proofed place to help minimise stress. A Feliway diffuser is plugged in to emit calming pheromones to make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

We have special animal recover cages in our ‘prep room’ where we monitor unstable patients as well as animals recovering from surgery procedures. This allows the team to keep a close eye on patients during their vulnerable periods.  

BVA Eye Panel appointments

St.Clair Veterinary Care in conjunction with ophthalmologist Jeff Yellowley (BVSc CertVOphthal MRCVS) provides BVA Eye Panel appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, by forward appointment only.

If you would like to have your dog(s) examined under The Eye Scheme, you should contact the clinic directly to arrange an appointment.

When taking your dog for an eye examination, owners should remember the following:

• The scheme is open to all breeds including crossbreeds (they do not have to be registered with the Kennel Club)
• All dogs must be permanently identified microchip before examination and certification and the identification will be verified prior to the examination
• If relevant, owners must have the relevant KC or ISDS owner registration document with them in order to present the dog for an eye examination and certification
• Wherever possible, they should also provide any previous eye certificates issued for the dog