Are your fury friends healthy INSIDE and out?

There are many pets living day to day with undiagnosed medical conditions such as diabetes, dental disease, heart disease, liver & kidney diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid disease and many more.

Throughout Spring we will be offering our discounted ‘Spring Health Checks’ for cats & dogs of all ages. The check includes a full health check with one of our vets, Rory or Andy, as well as blood sampling for biochemistry and haematology (a general health sample). There is an optional extra for our more senior patients which also includes a thyroid blood test.

Prices are £65 for Spring Health Checks and £85 for our Senior Spring Health Checks (including thyroid). These are discounted prices aiming to promote screening and health awareness this spring, which is a great opportunity to catch any underlying problems early so they can be treated as required.

The offer also extends to 10% OFF any further recommended investigations.

If you would like to book your fury friends in for their Spring Health Check, please call us on 01670 457271spring health checks