Worming Your Pet Rabbit




Rabbits are now the third most popular pet in the UK, after cats and dogs. They are great companions and make wonderful pets, but rabbits can also suffer from worms and parasites such as the most common rabbit worm – pinworm, as well as roundworm, whipworm and tapeworm. Rabbits can also be susceptible to E.Caniculi, which is a microscopic parasite that is widespread across the UK, which can remain dormant for years. Over 50% of apparently healthy pet rabbits have been exposed to it and if left untreated may have very nasty consequences. Symptoms may include:
Head Tilt
Hind Limb Weakness
Kidney Disease
And in worst cases, death.

Healthy house rabbits living in clean conditions are rarely affected by worms, since the appropriate conditions are not present indoors for development of the larval stages. Therefore, if the rabbit is kept indoors 100% of the time, there is no problem. However, most pet rabbits live outdoors and/or are let out for a run in the garden – putting them at risk of worm/parasite burdens.

We stock a routine rabbit worming paste which is effective against worms and parasites such as E.cuniculi. By worming your rabbit regularly you can have peace of mind that you are giving your rabbit the best possible protection available.

Rabbit worming is recommended every 3 months, which is an oral paste required for 9 consecutive days.

At St Clair Vets we offer FREE rabbit worming consultations with our nursing team, where we can weigh your rabbit, explain dosage and demonstrate the first administration.

If you would like to book your bunny in for their FREE worm check and to purchase their worming treatment, please call the practice on 01670 457271.