Happy Paws Club

At St Clair, the health and welfare of your pet is our priority. To reflect this we offer an affordable health scheme which is tailored to your pet, designed to make responsible pet ownership as easy and as cost-effective as possible.

Pets can’t tell you when they are feeling sick and you can’t see illness from the outside. That is why they require regular check up’s to ensure they are fit and well. Early detection of potential problems could save you facing unnecessary worry or stress and of course the additional costs that might accompany later treatment.

By joining our Happy Paws Club, you will make fantastic savings on the annual health requirements of your pet, plus many other benefits which will keep them in tip-top condition.

Our bespoke plans are tailored to your individual pet with a free introductory consultation to asses your pets parasite control needs. Based on that assessment, we will recommend one of five plans which combine the most suited parasite control and vaccinations.

Average savings on parasite control and vaccinations across all Happy Paws Clubs are at least £68.08, although some owners of larger dogs can save up to £300 per year!

If you have already taken out our Lifetime Immunity Package (LIP
Service), don’t worry! You will receive a free upgrade to include an
annual Kennel Cough vaccination in place of your pets annual booster.

Buts that’s not all..

In addition to the savings on parasite control and vaccinations, not to mention the peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected, you and your pet will also benefit from:

– Yearly full health examination with your Veterinary Surgeon
– Second yearly heath check with your Veterinary Surgeon (ideally 6
months after your pet’s annual booster)
– Yearly booster
– 10% off any additional vaccines not included in the plan (rabies etc)
– 10% off all in house procedures and treatments including routine
dentals, radiographs and ultrasounds
– 10% off all life stage and prescription diets purchased at the surgery
– 10% off veterinary consultation fees
– 10% off any medications purchased or supplements purchased at the surgery
– 10% off any internal or external laboratory fees or any samples taken from your pet at the surgery
– Free nail clipping

Terms & conditions apply

For more information and to book your pets introductory consultation,
call us on 01670 457271.