A new, continuous cough? There’s more than just Covid in the air! We have seen a huge increase of kennel cough cases this summer.

Kennel cough is a highly contagious airway infection which results in a dry, hacking cough. It is spread by direct contact between dogs, in the air and on surfaces with the ability to survive in the environment for several weeks. Although symptoms are usually mild, some dogs, particularly puppies, older dogs or unwell dogs can suffer from more severe symptoms.

Symptoms of kennel cough usually take 3-14 days to develop and then last for 1-3 weeks so it’s recommended that infected dogs are kept away from other dogs and public spaces while they are coughing, and for two to three weeks afterwards. Kennel cough usually clears on its own without the need for veterinary treatment, however we would recommend seeing a vet if symptoms are severe or persisting for several weeks.

The best way to avoid the infection is by vaccination, which is repeated every 12 months. Although the vaccine doesn’t cover all strains of kennel cough, it does significantly reduce the chance that your dog will catch it and if they do catch it, symptoms are less severe.

Kennel cough vaccines can be administered by our vets and nurses for only £26, or at a discounted rate alongside your dog’s yearly booster. Call us on 01670 457271 to book an appointment.