We are currently seeing increased levels of unexplained gastroenteritis in the region. Some of these cases have been very serious, and unfortunately two known cases have been fatal within our client base, in otherwise young healthy dogs.

Gastroenteritis has a very broad spectrum of causes and not all are, or will be linked to the same cause, however we urge increased awareness of the symptoms at this time, and to know when to see your vet: day or night.

We are also aware of an unexplained potential link occurring with dogs spending time on the beaches of the North East, and while this has not been identified as a definite risk factor, we would urge dog owners to be sensible at this time with dog walks. Gastroenteritis has also been reported in dogs living and walking inland and it is not just purely beach related cases who have fallen ill.

Symptoms include

  • Anorexia (lack or loss of appetite)
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea and increased salivating
  • Abdominal pain

Gastroenteritis in mild forms can clear up on its own, and most dogs recover within a few days. However, if your dog deteriorates and suffers any of the following symptoms, we advise immediate veterinary treatment.

  • Any vomiting, diarrhoea of more than 24-48 hours duration.
  • Persistent vomiting where they cannot keep water down.
  • Any bloody diarrhoea with substantial fluid loss, or watery fetid diarrhoea of ANY TIME
  • Any RAPIDLY deteriorating gastrointestinal signs; vomiting, lethargy, no appetite.

Gastroenteritis, depending on the cause, can be highly contagious and we urge clients whose dogs have ANY of the above symptoms to keep their dogs at home until fully recovered to reduce the spread. Infectious gastroenteritis is passed through saliva, vomit, and faeces. It can pass through direct contact with another dog or through dogs licking or sniffing surfaces or drinking from shared water bowls.

If you have any concern regarding your dog, please contact us on 01670 457271 or our out of hours provider Moorview Referrals if outside of our normal working hours.